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Instructional Design Portfolio

This web page is under construction. It contains instruction designed and developed by Jennifer Bigus for various courses.

An Introduction to ABLE Rule Processing

This web-based courseware created as part of an instructional design course but was evaluated and used by IBM consultants. The courseware was developed using the methodology described by Dick, Carey, and Carey in their book The Systematic Design of Instruction, 5th edition. The web pages were developed in HTML with Javascript used for the practice exercises and tests.

The course introduces software developers to the rule processing facilities available in ABLE. ABLE is a Java framework, component library, and productivity toolkit for building intelligent software using machine learning and reasoning. It is available for download from IBM Research. The goal of the course is for a software developer to be able to look at a set of project requirements and determine whether ABLE rule-processing technology should be given further consideration when designing the project solution. It does not teach everything there is to know about ABLE, but should help a consultant decide whether ABLE rule processing should be given consideration when designing a solution.

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Citizenship Preparation: The Civil War

This courseware developed in PowerPoint as part of a computer courseware design course. Powerpoint was chosen because it can be used without an Internet connection, and free PowerPoint viewers are available, which makes the instruction more accessible to the target audience. There are two PowerPoint files available. The first is the tutorial itself. The second is a multiple-choice, drill-and-practice that mirrors the type of multiple-choice questions given on the citizenship exam.

The course presents a history of the Civil War, with the text taken from the study guide available from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. The images and audio were not part of the original study guide but were added to enhance the learning experience.

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